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  • Acessories

    Shop the latest gym clothing ranges and accessories for both men and women. Rock your wardrobe with comfy and slim fit gym gear.  

    Our popluar clothing & accessiores brands are:- 

    • USN 
    • SmartShake 
    • Dedicated Nutrition 
    • Grenade 
  • All in one

    All In One supplements are the ultimate infusion of protein and carbs matrix along with helathy source of fat. 

    Key Feature

    • High in protein which promotes muscle growth and repairment  
    • Suitable for any individual who wants to gain lean muscle mass 
    • Ideal for anyone who have higher calorie diet
    • Packed with BCAAs, multivitamins, creatine and glutamine 
  • Amino Acids / BCAAs

    BCAA (branched chain amino acids) - better recovery after exercise!

    • Catabolic muscle protection 
    • Promotes recovery
    • Promotes muscle growth
    • Intra workout 
    • Enhance energy, strength, power and endurance

    BCAAs are absorbed directly into muscle tissue and are metabolized quickly. For this reason, BCAAs often contributes to the rapid recovery after the training session, the muscle potential, energy level and strength. BCAA / EAA (essential amino accids) combination of amino acids neccessary for muscle mass growth, protects muscle proteins from degradation, speeds up recovery after exercise:

    • BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, valine) - a powerful motivator for protein synthesis, these amino acids are classified as essential (the body itself not manufactured).
    • EEA (leucine, isoleucine, valine histidine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan) - the most effective amino acids, and in particular to promote protein synthesis, muscle growth and recovery after exercise. 

    Using these products on a regular basis, provide the body with the highest quality materials!

  • Creatine

    Creatine - more muscle power!

    Fight against fatigue! Creatine can help improve strength, power, exercise performance, and muscle growth.

    • Monohydrate naturally supplies energy to our muscles.
    • Micronized creatine monohydrate has developed a new standard that has a lot of micro particles smaller than regular creatine powder. It is a bit expensive, but worth the money! Micronised creatine is tasteless, odorless, and easily mixed with water.
  • Pre-Workout

    Prepare for battle - force the gym to be afraid of you!

    If you are no longer a rookie, you know what to eat and how to exercise, how to relax, then you should consider the possibility of a further increase in the efficiency of training supplements. Never underestimate the impact on the training of appropriate supplements. These products are intended for specific body needs. 

    Are you trying to fit plumbing failures, without the right key and screwdriver? The gym is also important to have it right tools - energy mobilization. It is also important to increase the intensity of each workout. You may be able to:

    • Optimize your energy levels up to the end of training
    • Increasing focus
    • To experience the astonishing muscle awesome pump

    Do not let fatigue destroy the workout, you need to do the right exercises to isolate the right muscles, exercises and reproduce the correct way.

  • Intra Workout

    Intra workout supplements are the type of supplement which can be taken during workout. This supplements are usually formualted with amino acids, carbohydrate and electrolytes.  

    Key Benefits 

    • Contains electrolytes which acts as a stimulation for muscles and nerves, it as well as maintains hydration 
    • Promotes protein synthesis 
    • Protects your muscle from cataolic state which prevents muscle breakdown 
  • Post-Workout

    Give your muscles the energy supplement!

    Muscles do not grow during the workout, on the contrary, they are ill, so the first thing you need to do - to restore and heal them. After workout supplements are designed to provide important nutrients to help your body recover quickly.

    After workout products are:

    • Otimize the supply of nutrients and insulin levels
    • Recovered body
    • Help muscle grow, and not come apart
    • Restore the used glycogen
    • Increase metabolism
    • Reduce muscle pain

    Wether today was terribly severe or moderate training, you need to give your muscles the necessary nutrients that the long-term period to achieve the maximum result. 

  • Fish Oil

    Omega acids support healthy cardiovascular condition.

    • Promotes healthy brain function
    • Support cardiovascular function
    • Support joint function
    • Support brain activity

    More and more people are experincing problems with their overall health condition, the provision of omega fatty acids. One of these essential fatty acids are omega  -3 fatty acid. This polyunsaturated fatty acid carbon-carbon compound. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are omega-3 fatty acid residue. Since the body cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids, you're derived from dietary sources or supplements.

    Omega fatty acids are found in foods such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, lamb, flax seeds, cannabis, kiwi fruits and nuts. 

    By getting omega-3 fatty acids through diet or supplements, you can support the brain, heart and cardiovascular health. 

  • Glutamine

    Give dreaded catabolism and enjoy the anabolic environment! Whether you're trying to increase muscle mass or burn fat, the first step towards your goals is to work. The next step is recovery that last longer. Progress is 100% related to your work and recovery. You have given all the forces of the hall, and speed up recovery taking glutamine!

    • Improved muscle growth rate
    • Slower muscle catabolism
    • Improved recovery
    • A healthy immune system
    • Growth hormone increase

    Ideally, glutamic be two critical moments - before and after training, and before going to bed in the evening. Since the body is recovering while sleeping, nigh glutamine plays an important role. 

  • Joint Support

    Do  not afraid of high activity!

    If you are an athlete involved in high - intensity sports, your bones are constantly going away. To avoid problems before they occur, be sure to take joint supplements. 

    • Nutritious 
    • Healthy cartilage 
    • Total joint mobility
    • Decreased joint pain
    • Stronger ligaments

    Proper nutrition is really important aspect of developing strong muscles, but what about the bones and joints? If you're a serious athlete and pushing your body towards the limitations, you want to be sure that you protect your joints. 

    There are many great options for prevention. You can choose glucosamine to keep your joints mobile and flexible, hyaluronic acid, which helps to improve joint lubrication or calcium minerals suply. Other good options - chondroitin, shark cartilage, MSM, further enriched with vitamins C and E, calcium, manganese and other trace elements.

  • Meal Replacement

    Meal Replacement is known as calorie controlled shake which can be consumed as a replacement for your meal to support your weight loss challange.

    Key Benefits

    • Macro friendly
    • High protein content
    • Low in carbs, sugar and fat
    • Fortified with vitamins & minerals  
  • Nitric Oxide

    Nitric Oxide is a gas formed in the body by the breakdown of L-Arginine to L-Citrulline through an enzyme group called Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). Nitrix Oxide supplements help to increase recovery post workout, increase resistance to muscular fatique, increase muscular workout output and increase muscular pump during workout. Nitric Oxide supplements cause an increased vasolidation in the human body. Vasolidation is the process of relaxation of blood vessels, allowing them to carry more blood to and from working muscle tissue. 

  • Protein

    Proteins (protein) guarantees the protection of muscle, damaged fiber, recovery and growth. Intense workout increases catabolism (muscle tissue breakdown) risk, it is necessary to ensure the proper protein balance. The market proteins can be sorted by sources of protein: 

    • Whey protein - a rapid uptake proteins, which are the most appropriate after a workout, rapid muscle repair. 
    • Whey protein isolate - purer, more digestible sources of protein, the protein concentration in the product up to 95% and more. Less carbohydrates and fat, especialy suitable diet. 
    • Beef protein - a high biological value, refined source of protein, great choice 24 hours a day. 
    • Soy protein - low in fat, low in cholesterol. 
    • Egg white - high biological value, misapproriation of medium duration. 
    • Casein - the slow uptake of proteins that protects and delivers the muscle proteins for a long time, is best suited for use at bedtime. 
    • Multi - component protein - the different sources of protein, which has a fast, moderate and slow absorption protein. 
  • Protein Bars

    If you are fitness freak but at the same time you have soft spot for sweet treats then protein bars are perfect fit for you.  

    Why not indulge on some delcious protein bar to satisfy your sweet cravings or you can also regard protein bar as your ideal "CHEAT MEAL".

    Key Features

    • Macro friendly
    • High in protein
    • Low in sugar, fat and carbs
    • Convenient reday-to-eat bars  
  • Shakers

    Shop world's leading shakers like SmartShake, Cyclone Cup, USN, Mutant and many more.

    Key Feature

    • Variable sizes available from 400ml and above 
    • Great blending equipment for shakes and supplement 
    • Both plastic shakers and steel shakers are availabe
    • Various colours to choose from  
  • Fat Burner

    Many of us think that its impossible to loose weight as it requires tremendous amount of accountability, commitment and effort towards to get their desired dream body. The whole weight loss journey can be challenging for many people as they need to follow weight-loss diet along with high-intensity training program which can be draining for many of us.

    Luckily, we live in 21st century where we can access to thousands of weight loss supplement which can help us to achieve our body goal. With stimulants such as caffeine and other fat metabolizer ingredients like l-carnitine, CLA and green tea extract you will be on the right track in order to shread those stubborn fat. 

    Key Benefits 

    • Utilize (burn) your own body fat for energy
    • Increase your energy, focus and concentration levels
    • Reduce food cravings as it supress your appetite 
    • Enhance your body metabolic rate 
  • Testosterone Support

    Supplements for men (testesterone promoters)

    An ideal choice to improve the overall health and promote muscle development, a great choice for athletes. These products are hormone stimulates the production of testesterone, so you can easily reach goals!

    • Increased quality of muscle mass and brightness
    • Improved recovery
    • Increased energy levels
    • Testesterone production
    • Hormone balance
    • Help libido

    Perhaps the main ingredient supplements for men-Tribulus Terrestris or DAA, which helps the body to increase natural testesterone levels. Tribulus terrestris can be used not only to promote muscle development, but in order to improve overall health. DAA will cover the central region of the brain, resulting in hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), growth hormone (GH), also acts testicles, it is caused by testesterone. 

  • Vitamins & Minerals

    The total balance of the body!

    • Promote overall health and increase energy levels
    • Strenghten bones
    • Intense focus and concentration
    • To optimize the immune system
    • The proper electrolyte level
    • Protection against free radicals

    At least one microelement defficiency can lead to unplesant cosequences, break down the metabolism and reduce the work / energy levels. Daily consumption of vitamins can prevent early outcomes are occurring. 

  • Weight Gainers

    Gain - the answer to your question! Increase muscle building results!

    This is a convenient way to consume daily caloric intake. Gain unlike other products are significantly more carbohydrates and calories per serving. Adding weight to the growing coctail of your daily diet, you can:

    • Get a lot of good calories, protein, carbohydrates, and thus speed up muscle growth
    • Speed up recovery after workouts
    • To guard against catabolism

    Already chosen the gainer? 

    Another thing, how to use it. Ideally, you will use Gainer immediately after training, when you can not get a normal diet or where the lack of calories that day. Recommended calories distributed evenly throughout the day.